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The three must-have family extras for all new developments

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As summer draws to a close, London’s property market is waking up again. Overseas investors begin exploring new ventures, families return from summer to plot their next move on the housing ladder and agents get that bit busier.

Over the past few years, a glut of luxury developments has sprung up around the city. For busy families, differentiating between the various schemes can be daunting. But it is possible – you just have to know what to look for.

So here are the three big add-ons all families should look out for in a new development home:

1. Safety

London isn’t New York or Chicago. Levels of crime are low and, generally, getting lower. However, city life is city life; you’re always best-off erring on the safe side, especially if you have young children. Additions that make your home safer are an important part of any parent’s peace of mind. Gated developments are particularly desirable. Not only do they act as a massive deterrence to the likes of burglars, they create a secure space for children to play in unsupervised, with none of the risks of them playing on the street or the road.

The postcode is the flip side of the coin. There is a sizeable variation in crime levels between different areas in London. Selecting a place which has historically enjoyed high levels of safety maximises a family’s sense of reassurance. It’s good to inhabit a secure development, but it’s great to inhabit a secure development in a secure neighbourhood.

Fortunately, our Charles Baker Place homes possess both these benefits. Set back on a quiet road, residents and visitors access the homes via intercom at the gates. Charles Baker is also situated in Wandsworth’s quiet Bellevue Village – a place that’s quite possibly among London’s top five safest postcodes. Wandsworth itself is admirably genteel, with record low rates of crime and a strong sense of community. Bellevue Village is the area’s crème de la crème, dubbed nappy valley because of the number of upwardly mobile young families that live there. More bruschetta and bistro than break-in!

2. Parking

Space to park your motor is essential in the capital. It’s clear to anyone who’s had the misfortune of seeing a residential street during a school run that not having a parking space near your property can be a severe discomfort.

But ideally you won’t just want a space, but a secure space. One that’s removed from the hubbub of the street, where your car doesn’t risk being scratched. Given new developments in London rarely offer off-street parking, such an addition is a real bonus find.

Charles Baker Place is that find. Of our nine units, seven have parking within the gated development – perfect for security and convenience – while one more unit (the last remaining four bedroom mews) has its own garage. Off-street parking is also thrown in, making this one of the best developments for families and their cars in Wandsworth.

Birds Eye View CBP

3. Proximity

If you’re a busy family, you don’t want to be isolated. You don’t want to be out on a limb, miles from the nearest schools, shops, restaurants and other services. Being close to these things simply makes your life easier.

But aspirational families don’t just want to be anywhere. They want to be surrounded by good schools and good shops. Places that improve their quality of life and signal they’re on the up. Getting this golden combination is harder than it might seem. Given London’s reputation for urban sprawl, you’re either likely to land yourself a new home a bit of distance from great amenities or one that’s very close to some less great ones.

Ever the pearl in the ocean, Charles Baker Place does offers the best of both worlds. Our residents are a few steps from Bellevue Road – one of Wandsworth’s main high streets – offering a range of high quality shops and restaurants. These include the legendary Chez Bruce, a Michelin-starred French restaurant overlooking Wandsworth common, from which our residents are only a few minutes’ stroll from. Good schools are also plentiful: Charles Baker Place is no more than a mile or so from a variety of private and preparatory schools (16 in total) and outstanding state schools like Oak Lodge and Ernest Bevin College. If you’re interested in learning more about the local schools, read our blog Back to SchoolIf you’d like to know more about our development’s location, visit our About Us page.

Charles Baker Place - location information

Charles Baker beats them all

With Charles Baker Place ticking all the right boxes, you could be forgiven for assuming prices at the development would be suitably astronomical. Not so. Prices start at around £1.6m and continue through to £2.95m – a snip when you consider that, alongside the security, parking and great location, ours is also a development that’s been thoughtfully designed to the highest quality.

Start the new school term on a high and get down to Charles Baker Place to meet us, we’re sure you and your family will be impressed.

View details for the five bedroom townhouses here, or the four bedroom mews homes here.

Charles Baker Place - kitchen to garden view, townhouse

To arrange a viewing, get in touch on +44 (0)7831 611 222  or via our contact page – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Why our Bellevue Village mews are the perfect contemporary homes for London families

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London’s charming mews streets provide a wealth of unique and attractive houses. Typically set back from busy roads, they provide a secluded, elegant haven from city life and a true sense of community amongst mews owners, making these hidden streets some of London’s most welcoming to live on and highly sought after.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a growing trend among London’s senior professionals towards owning two types of property – a main or family home just outside the capital and a more central pied-a-terre type residence that doubles up as a long-term investment opportunity.

Our mews homes in Bellevue Village, Wandsworth, tick both boxes.

Charles Baker Place offers something exceptional

Our mews provide spacious living, terraces, an entire floor devoted to the master bedroom, and the surrounding area of Wandsworth Common delivers acres of leafy space. Meanwhile, the short commute into town (30 minutes to Waterloo) reminds you of your proximity to central London. Hence, our mews have it all – the generous living areas and gorgeous green spaces aligned with suburban family homes, alongside efficient transport links that you’d expect from a zone two location.

Unique floorplan, layout and courtyard

Beside the benefits of the location, Charles Baker Place mews are not the quaint two-up-two-down former carriage houses that typically spring to mind. Built from a former community hall and bowling lane, our mews are three-storey, four-bedroom, three-bathroom family homes, and the first-floor open-plan living space offers contemporary layout flooded with light.

Having three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the ground floor, living space and kitchen on the first, and the master bedroom ensuite on the second is perfect for a family with teenage or young adult children as both the children and parents can enjoy space and privacy. Our mews layout would also suit a family with elderly parents living under the same roof, as the ground floor bedrooms provide easy access as well as quietness. This means that how the mews can be used is flexible; the spaces purpose can change as their inhabitants’ requirements change with time.

Similarly to historic mews entrances, our mews are accessed via a gated courtyard, which offers off-street parking for cars and bicycles.

Beyond the space, why do Charles Baker Place mews make financial sense?

Homes in Wandsworth Common’s pretty Bellevue Village are an excellent investment opportunity. Property prices in the area have increased 36% over the last two years, with the average sold price of houses from July 2016 – April 2017 at £1,755,900. That is remarkable by the standards of the capital’s housing market.

Yet, despite evident demand, there are relatively few homes for sale in Bellevue Village – and even fewer mews properties, meaning that finding one is a bit like unearthing a hidden gem.

This is why Charles Baker Place is so special; a unique luxury development with a gated courtyard off Wiseton Road and equipped with the latest mod-cons including underfloor heating, kitchen appliances by Miele and Siemens, Bianco taps, and bathroom fittings from Villeroy and Boch, Duravit and Saneux.

Our mews homes are a perfect fit for Londoners looking for high-quality family living in a location that combines London community with a country feel.

Currently, one mews property is available for purchase. Get in touch on +44 (0)7834 353067 or via our contact page to arrange a viewing of our last remaining four-bedroom mews.


Charles Baker Place features in ‘Move To: Battersea & Clapham’

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Move to is a dedicated property magazine that is circulated in the SW London area

The latest feature showcases our townhouses in Bellevue Village, Wandsworth. The garden studios, which sit prettily at the end of the townhouse gardens, are highlighted as an attractive addition to the development. The garden studios are perfect for home-workers, artists, teenagers, and entrepreneurs alike, offering a little quiet seclusion from the house without the need to leave the premises. The studios are fully hooked up to the mains, providing further flexibility for their purpose. Remaining properties available here start at prices of £2,595,000. Built by our developers Chester Row, the five-bedroom, four-storey homes also include balconies, basement floors and off-street, gated parking.

Get in touch on +44 (0)7834 353067  or via our contact form to arrange a viewing of our last remaining five bedroom townhouses and our stunning four bedroom mews.

Read the full PDF article here.

Is this London’s coolest home studio?

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Meet the Wandsworth townhouse with the outdoor annexe that’s fit for a rockstar

Bellevue RoadRock and roll isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind when visiting Wandsworth. The South West London idyll is a haven of boutique stores, pretty Victorian houses on tree-lined streets and an excellent range of schools. This enviable combination of aesthetics and educational capital has made the hamlet a magnet for aspirational parents from across London. Property values there have responded accordingly, sitting 28% above the capital’s average, according to the latest research from Foxtons. All in all, Wandsworth comes across as more George Osborne than Ozzy Osbourne.

In the limelight: Charles Baker

Charles Baker Place basement reception-games room

Charles Baker Place basement reception-games room

However, there’s one development in the area, which does offer something to those still looking to strum a few chords on the electric guitar – and, indeed, compose music more generally. Its name is Charles Baker Place and it’s located in Bellevue Village, the creme-de-la-crème of Wandsworth, owing to its position by Wandsworth Common and the cluster of elite schools that surround it.

The nine unit scheme was designed by boutique developer Chester Row and includes three four-storey top-of-the-range townhouses, equipped with balconied bedrooms, off-street parking and a 300 sq. ft. underground living-cum-games room: in short, everything you’d expect from a house in an area as prestigious as this.

These homes benefit from annexes in their back gardens. Bright, modern and spacious, they double-up nicely as home offices or study areas (which is definitely a big plus, because, given how well appointed the rest of the house is, you’d probably not want to step out the front door anyway).

An A-listers annexe

CBP Townhouse studio 3The biggest and best of these home-working spaces resides at townhouse number 3 at the end of the development. Measuring up to a sizeable 3,000 sq. ft., the property is also the largest unit in the scheme, which alone lends itself to celebrity-esque bragging rights.

What makes the annexe at number 3 so special is that, unlike its counterparts, it spans two storeys. On the ground floor is a stylish study area accessed by sliding doors offering a full view of the garden and main house, while up one floor there is a larger, open plan space that could easily fit a drum and bass set, a couple of mics and an electric guitar.

An adjoining private garage only enhances the annexe’s cool factor: a budding Keith Richards or Mick Jagger could compose his work on the ground floor, run through the vocals on the first and then head back down to the garage to take his (presumably, chauffeur-driven) car to a gig – all within a few metres of each other.

Indeed, the property has generated one or two enquiries from famous vocalists, according to Chester Row’s director Nick Herrtage.

“They like what they see in general”, he says, “but the annexe is a particular draw; they find it really bright and functional and just haven’t seen anything like it in this part of London”.

The price of fame

Birds Eye View CBPWhile the annexe is clearly proving to be a hit among those seeking to make hits of their own, it can evidently serve a variety of purposes. For instance, the upstairs-downstairs split allows for the creation of a waiting room and separate practice room, ideal for those seeking to run private practices out of their own home – from occupational therapists to music teachers. And, of course, the large size of the unit means it could act as a self-contained residence of its own, perhaps to accommodate an elderly relative or a paying tenant. Like any good performer, it’s adaptable to a range of audiences.

But unlike most performers these days, it doesn’t come with a hefty Hollywood price tag. Number 3 Chester Row is on the market at £2.9m, while the other two townhouses start at £2.5m: eminently reasonable given their size, quality, and location.

Forget Beverley Hills; Bellevue Village in Wandsworth is where the jam’s at.

To arrange a viewing, contact us on +44 (0)7834 353067 or leave us a message via our contact page.                                                 

Homes for home-working

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If you’re among the growing number of professionals opting to work from home, Charles Baker Place has the perfect property for you – and there’s no better time to snap one up than National Freelancer Day

Home-working is taking off big time in the UK. Once the preserve of private tutors and the odd entrepreneur, it’s now a mode of working embraced by a wide range of professionals from journalists to accountants and everything in between.

Research from the TUC estimates that, in 2016, 1.5 million workers in the UK – or around 15% of the workforce – performed their daily labours chez eux. Mutually beneficial for both employer and employee, it cuts costs and saves time, as well as providing for greater flexibility.

The home-working phenomenon is strongly linked to freelancing – the trend of temping for various organisations: many professionals at the mid-level of their career find it a great way to keep up with their profession, as they temporarily step back a little to improve their work-life balance.

To celebrate the contribution freelancers make to the workforce, June 8th 2017 is the ninth National Freelancers Day. The day is marked by an event held in the King’s Place conference hall in Central London that offers freelancers the chance to network, swap stories and share advice.

It’s also a reminder that being a freelancer is no jolly, or a crypto-form of retirement: it’s hard, serious work. The successful freelancer needs excellent personal and time management skills, combined with a strong understanding of their craft that lets them produce great work unassisted and unmanaged.

To help meet these requirements, freelancers need to have the right working space. Setting up shop in a bedroom or living room won’t do – there are too many distractions and there’s always a risk of a confusing mesh between the personal and professional.

A separate space is necessary; an office that has the comfort of being “at home”. That’s what Chester Row’s latest set of top-class townhouses at its luxury Charles Baker Place development in Wandsworth offers.

Nestled at the end of a landscaped garden, the townhouses’ 120 sq. ft. garden studios are ideal compact home working spaces. They come fully hooked-up to the electricity grid all the main services and benefit from full length windows offering a great aspect of the garden and main house. Of course, the studios have also been decked out to a modern, high-grade standard typical of Chester Row, allowing you to breeze through your tasks in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

All this no more than a few metres “commute” from a four-storey, 2,600 sq. ft. townhouse that comes complete with balconied bedrooms offering wonderful views of Wandsworth’s Bellevue Village, a basement living room that’s great for socialising, high-tech appliances like a Nest thermostat and the all-important off-street parking. With such a great offering for home working and home living, Charles Baker Place will make you never want to work in an office again – just don’t tell the poor souls battling their way towards Bank Station!

Charles Baker Place’s three townhouses start from £2,595,000. To arrange a viewing, contact Chester Row on +44 (0)208 682 4800 or visit the development website (www.charlesbakerplace.com)