Is this London’s coolest home studio?

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Meet the Wandsworth townhouse with the outdoor annexe that’s fit for a rockstar

Bellevue RoadRock and roll isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind when visiting Wandsworth. The South West London idyll is a haven of boutique stores, pretty Victorian houses on tree-lined streets and an excellent range of schools. This enviable combination of aesthetics and educational capital has made the hamlet a magnet for aspirational parents from across London. Property values there have responded accordingly, sitting 28% above the capital’s average, according to the latest research from Foxtons. All in all, Wandsworth comes across as more George Osborne than Ozzy Osbourne.

In the limelight: Charles Baker

Charles Baker Place basement reception-games room

Charles Baker Place basement reception-games room

However, there’s one development in the area, which does offer something to those still looking to strum a few chords on the electric guitar – and, indeed, compose music more generally. Its name is Charles Baker Place and it’s located in Bellevue Village, the creme-de-la-crème of Wandsworth, owing to its position by Wandsworth Common and the cluster of elite schools that surround it.

The nine unit scheme was designed by boutique developer Chester Row and includes three four-storey top-of-the-range townhouses, equipped with balconied bedrooms, off-street parking and a 300 sq. ft. underground living-cum-games room: in short, everything you’d expect from a house in an area as prestigious as this.

These homes benefit from annexes in their back gardens. Bright, modern and spacious, they double-up nicely as home offices or study areas (which is definitely a big plus, because, given how well appointed the rest of the house is, you’d probably not want to step out the front door anyway).

An A-listers annexe

CBP Townhouse studio 3The biggest and best of these home-working spaces resides at townhouse number 3 at the end of the development. Measuring up to a sizeable 3,000 sq. ft., the property is also the largest unit in the scheme, which alone lends itself to celebrity-esque bragging rights.

What makes the annexe at number 3 so special is that, unlike its counterparts, it spans two storeys. On the ground floor is a stylish study area accessed by sliding doors offering a full view of the garden and main house, while up one floor there is a larger, open plan space that could easily fit a drum and bass set, a couple of mics and an electric guitar.

An adjoining private garage only enhances the annexe’s cool factor: a budding Keith Richards or Mick Jagger could compose his work on the ground floor, run through the vocals on the first and then head back down to the garage to take his (presumably, chauffeur-driven) car to a gig – all within a few metres of each other.

Indeed, the property has generated one or two enquiries from famous vocalists, according to Chester Row’s director Nick Herrtage.

“They like what they see in general”, he says, “but the annexe is a particular draw; they find it really bright and functional and just haven’t seen anything like it in this part of London”.

The price of fame

Birds Eye View CBPWhile the annexe is clearly proving to be a hit among those seeking to make hits of their own, it can evidently serve a variety of purposes. For instance, the upstairs-downstairs split allows for the creation of a waiting room and separate practice room, ideal for those seeking to run private practices out of their own home – from occupational therapists to music teachers. And, of course, the large size of the unit means it could act as a self-contained residence of its own, perhaps to accommodate an elderly relative or a paying tenant. Like any good performer, it’s adaptable to a range of audiences.

But unlike most performers these days, it doesn’t come with a hefty Hollywood price tag. Number 3 Chester Row is on the market at £2.9m, while the other two townhouses start at £2.5m: eminently reasonable given their size, quality, and location.

Forget Beverley Hills; Bellevue Village in Wandsworth is where the jam’s at.

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