A new home for the new year

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With a new year comes the promise of new changes. Charles Baker Place could be the resolution you’re looking to fulfil.

Positive thinking

We have now truly welcomed in the month of January. The colourlessness of the season has settled in and, while there might still be a few lights left up, the rest of the festive period seems like a hazy memory as people return to their everyday lives. Continue reading

Once upon a time in Wandsworth

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The month of October saw the London Literature Festival return to the capital. From the 13th of October to the beginning of November, the Southbank Centre played host to an array of names from the literary world, from Philip Pullman and Lauren Childs to Claudia Rankin and Hilary Clinton.

Travel five miles west of Southbank and you come to Wandsworth. Although not necessarily known for its literary heritage, the area has an unexpectedly strong connection to the world of writing, with many well-known authors having called the south-west London borough home at some point in their lives. With former residents ranging from Thackery and Hardy to Mary Shelley and Voltaire, Wandsworth’s literary club has almost as many illustrious members as the Bloomsbury group. Here is your guide to who’s who in London’s unassuming literary capital.

William Makepeace Thackeray


The man who would later go on to write the acclaimed Vanity Fair is one of the borough’s most cited literary residents. Indeed, Thackeray lived in South West London for much of his childhood after his family returned from India, at one point attending school in Chiswick.

George Eliot


Mary Anne Evans, known by her pen name ‘George Eliot’, was one of the leading novelists of the 19th century. From 1859 to 1863, she lived at Holly Lodge on Wimbledon Park Road with her lover, George Henry Lewes. Although the union was a scandalous one due to Lewes being married, the couple went on to live together for 20 years. Eliot was fond of the area, and wrote in a letter in 1859 of the “glorious breezy walks and wide horizons” surrounding her house. She completed her novels The Mill on the Floss and Silas Marner whilst living in Wandsworth, and even once entertained Charles Dickens in her home.

Sean O’Casey

Despite being a notable Irish resident, playwright Sean O’Casey spent 11 years in London after falling in love with Eileen Carey on a visit to the capital to collect the Hawthornden Prize. During this time, the couple were Wandsworth residents at 49 Overstrand Mansions, Prince of Wales Drive in Battersea, where an English Heritage blue plaque can be seen today. O’Casey was famed for writing about the Dublin working classes, with his notable works including The Shadow of a Gunman and Juno and the Paycock.



The prolific French writer, historian and philosopher was sent to England in exile in 1726 following a brief imprisonment at the Bastille. During the two years he resided in London, Voltaire lived mainly in Wandsworth with various friends. One such friend was Everard Fawkener, with whom Voltaire lived at Sword House – the site that is now Wandsworth Police Station.

Louis de Bernières


De Bernières was a Wandsworth resident for 10 years, residing in Earlsfield. It was during this time that he wrote some of his most famous works, including his novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World, the latter of which is a tribute to the borough’s diverse community.

H.G. Wells


Wells was one of the most prolific writers of the Victorian era. Although his work covered many genres, he is most well-known for his pioneering of science fiction, being dubbed by the literary community as the “father of science fiction”. He was famously the author of The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine, and was nominated for the Nobel Literature Prize 4 times. He lived on Haldon Road, Wandsworth, from 1981, where he moved after marrying his cousin, Isabel Wells. Their wedding also took place in Wandsworth’s All Saints Church.

Mary Shelley


No. 68 Lower Richmond Street, just back from the Thames in Putney was once home to Mary Shelley, the author of ‘Frankenstein. It was here, and before at nearby Layton House, where she lived after the death of her husband, the poet Percy Shelley, and spent much time working on his ‘memoirs’.

Thomas Hardy


Despite being more commonly associated with Dorset, Hardy lived in London for a number of years from his early twenties. Before he came to establish himself as a writer, he lived in Wandsworth with his wife, Emma. The Hardys occupied a house on the corner of Trinity Road and Broderick Road near the common – now the sort-after Bellevue Village. They lived here from 1878 to 1881, until they returned to his childhood home of Dorset.

Just up the road from Hardy’s house on Trinity Road sits Charles Baker Place – a new development comprising of nine family homes including modern townhouses, mews houses, and cottages. Each property is finished to the highest standard and boasts desirable features including off-road parking.

So if you like the idea of joining the glittering alumni of Wandsworth’s illustrious former residents, why not arrange a viewing?

Currently, there is one four-bedroom mews available with double height studio and two five-bedroom townhouses with single storey garden studios.

To arrange a viewing, get in touch on +44 (0)7831 611 222 or via our contact page – we look forward to hearing from you.

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One Man’s Pound is Another Man’s Dollar

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With the pound’s value still reeling from the after-shock of the EU referendum, foreign property investors are finding their dollars and euros can go far further, as our development, Charles Baker Place in Wandsworth, illustrates.

Currency collapse

On the 23rd June last year, the country held its breath as it awaited the result of the historic EU referendum. Immediately after the shock result was announced, the effects on the UK were palpable. No more so than on the currency markets. The pound dropped to its lowest level since October 2009, sinking to 1.08 versus the euro and 1.27 against the dollar. Over a year on from the result, the pound has shown little sign of recovering, due to fears over the consequences of a hard Brexit.

Prior to summer 2016, the strength of the pound had presented a problem for foreign investors. They had long been drawn to London; they knew the language, admired the culture, and liked the infrastructure. But the relative strength of the pound against the dollar or euro always made the capital a little expensive when compared to the likes of Paris or New York.

charles baker place pound coins

International investors resurgent, not retrenching

However, in the Brexit economy, this is no longer such a problem. Contrary to many forecasts, foreign investment in the London property market has not dropped off a cliff post-referendum. Instead, the pace has picked up. Middle and Far Eastern buyers have been particularly active, with research showing they have almost doubled the amount of money spent in the UK’s regional markets compared to last year. Indeed, the Qatari Investment Authority now owns more land in London than TFL and the Queen put together.

But, far from such vigorous investment activity being restricted to the archetypal Prime London neighbourhoods of Chelsea, Knightsbridge and the like, a weakened pound means foreign investor cash can go further, so they are more willing to venture outside their comfort zones than pre-June 2016. In short, they have room to manoeuvre and experiment.

charles baker place pound euro investment

Chelsea, Belgravia, Wandsworth

One such area is Wandsworth. The South West London inlet may not possess the glamour of Knightsbridge or the glittering alumni of Chelsea, but it enjoys many of the same amenities and characteristics.

Like Chelsea, Wandsworth enjoys a whole host of renowned independent schools including Putney High and Ibstock Place, Northcote Lodge, and The Falcons. Oak Lodge and Ernest Bevin College are also amongst the highest Ofsted-rated state schools.

Amidst rows of traditional, attractive houses, the area also enjoys many of the brand names you’d find on your typical Prime London high street: L.K Bennet, Whistles, and Farrow & Ball, to name but a few. Between them are nestled an array of restaurants, cafes, and other eateries. The prestigious Bellevue village boasts the Michelin-starred restaurant Chez Bruce, run by chef Bruce Poole, which serves elegant French cuisine.

An investor’s little dream: Charles Baker Place

Situated in a perfect position to enjoy all this is Charles Baker Place. A stone’s throw away from Wandsworth Common and a short walk from the nearest rail and tube stations, the development’s proximity to these sought-after features ensures the properties possess an enduring value premium.

With all units in Charles Baker Place benefitting from contemporary interior finishes, modern appliances throughout (such as Sonos surround sound, Nest thermostat systems and underfloor heating) and helpful additions like on-site gated parking, it’s the perfect spot for an investor looking for the finished article. And with prices starting at £1.5 million, Charles Baker Place is pitched at the right level in the market for someone looking to capitalise on a weakened pound by making an investment in one of London’s hidden gems.

Come and look at our amazing homes at Charles Baker Place

To arrange a viewing of our last remaining four bedroom, four storey mews home or our five bedroom townhouses, get in touch on +44 (0)7831 611 222 or via our contact page – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Five creative design ideas for our garden studios

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The garden studio has become a much-coveted piece for buyers seeking a modern home that offers room to grow and adapt to family life. Complete with Cedar cladding and a contemporary feel, our studios are fully hooked up to the mains and plumbed in, making them much more than a mere summer house.

Our Charles Baker Place garden studios have the potential to be transformed into an infinite variety of spaces. Here are just 5 of our ideas (beyond the popular purposes of a playroom or teenage den) to inspire you:

1. A room of ones’ ‘OM’

The seclusion of the garden annex offers a perfect retreat for yogis seeking space to exercise and meditate. Apartment Therapy’s design ideas are fantastic, citing the use of plants to add accent and drama to your space.  Equally, if weights and cardio are more your thing than yoga, the garden studio could easily accommodate all the necessary equipment. Have a look at Ideal Home’s ideas for more on decorating your personal fitness studio.

Charles Baker Place blog - yoga pose

2. Home-working

In the age of entrepreneurial start-ups and an increasing number of people opting for self-employment or choosing to work from home, much store is set by having a separate “home-working” space. Our garden studios at Charles Baker helpfully provide both a physical separation from domestic life as well as psychological one, enabling you to focus uninterrupted.

The garden studio also gives you the rare opportunity to design your own work environment. For example, a crisp, fresh colour scheme may prove motivating in the morning for early risers, whilst a warmer pallet and soft textures would create a welcoming retreat for night-owls. Equally, if your profession involves frequent client visits, the garden studio would provide opportunity to design the space to reflect your business. Home Building has some great ideas on how to create the home office space that works for you.

Charles Baker Place blog - home working

3. Relaxation

For the ultimate downtime, transform the garden studio into a tranquil reading room, or even your own private cinema. The space could easily accommodate a large projector. Plus, there’s freedom to paint the walls a dark colour for the optimum cinematic experience. Home Building has some great tips for prepping the space out, including suggestions on the perfect acoustics and equipment to create the ultimate, tailored cinematic experience.

Charles Baker Place blog - relax

4. The Sound of Music

For the musically minded, our garden annexes present an opportunity for a practise space, or even an all-out home recording studio. Situated away from the main house, you’re free to turn amps up and jam to your heart’s content without the worry of disturbing the neighbours (or the neighbours disturbing you!). For those seeking advice on kitting out your home studio, DIY Musician explains all the equipment you’ll need. E-home recording studio also offers fantastic tips on elements like acoustic treatment and recording station setup so that you can start making music from day one in a practically designed space.  For more details on how our Charles Baker Place garden studios are perfect for musicians recording at home, check out one of our previous blog posts.

Double height studio Townhouse 3

5. Graddy Annexe: Our solution for the ‘boomerang’ generation

Thanks to the high cost of rent and difficulty of getting a foot on the property ladder, record numbers of university leavers are returning to their parents’ houses after graduation. This has led to a surge in demand for the newly anointed ‘graddy annexe’, where children can live with their parents with some degree of separation, having gained a new degree of autonomy.

Our double height garden studio at Number Three Charles Baker Place would be ideal for this requirement, as the hard (and costly) labour of fitting electricity and plumbing is already done for you by us! Read more about the benefits of graddy annexes, including tax advantages, in this article in The Times.

Charles Baker Place blog - graddy annexe

With all this potential to transform one of our garden studios into the space you’ve always wanted, you’d be mad not to arrange a viewing.

Currently, there is one four-bedroom mews with double height studio and two five-bedroom townhouses with single storey garden studios available.

To arrange a viewing, get in touch on +44 (0)7831 611 222  or via our contact page – we look forward to hearing from you.

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The three must-have family extras for all new developments

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As summer draws to a close, London’s property market is waking up again. Overseas investors begin exploring new ventures, families return from summer to plot their next move on the housing ladder and agents get that bit busier.

Over the past few years, a glut of luxury developments has sprung up around the city. For busy families, differentiating between the various schemes can be daunting. But it is possible – you just have to know what to look for.

So here are the three big add-ons all families should look out for in a new development home:

1. Safety

London isn’t New York or Chicago. Levels of crime are low and, generally, getting lower. However, city life is city life; you’re always best-off erring on the safe side, especially if you have young children. Additions that make your home safer are an important part of any parent’s peace of mind. Gated developments are particularly desirable. Not only do they act as a massive deterrence to the likes of burglars, they create a secure space for children to play in unsupervised, with none of the risks of them playing on the street or the road.

The postcode is the flip side of the coin. There is a sizeable variation in crime levels between different areas in London. Selecting a place which has historically enjoyed high levels of safety maximises a family’s sense of reassurance. It’s good to inhabit a secure development, but it’s great to inhabit a secure development in a secure neighbourhood.

Fortunately, our Charles Baker Place homes possess both these benefits. Set back on a quiet road, residents and visitors access the homes via intercom at the gates. Charles Baker is also situated in Wandsworth’s quiet Bellevue Village – a place that’s quite possibly among London’s top five safest postcodes. Wandsworth itself is admirably genteel, with record low rates of crime and a strong sense of community. Bellevue Village is the area’s crème de la crème, dubbed nappy valley because of the number of upwardly mobile young families that live there. More bruschetta and bistro than break-in!

2. Parking

Space to park your motor is essential in the capital. It’s clear to anyone who’s had the misfortune of seeing a residential street during a school run that not having a parking space near your property can be a severe discomfort.

But ideally you won’t just want a space, but a secure space. One that’s removed from the hubbub of the street, where your car doesn’t risk being scratched. Given new developments in London rarely offer off-street parking, such an addition is a real bonus find.

Charles Baker Place is that find. Of our nine units, seven have parking within the gated development – perfect for security and convenience – while one more unit (the last remaining four bedroom mews) has its own garage. Off-street parking is also thrown in, making this one of the best developments for families and their cars in Wandsworth.

Birds Eye View CBP

3. Proximity

If you’re a busy family, you don’t want to be isolated. You don’t want to be out on a limb, miles from the nearest schools, shops, restaurants and other services. Being close to these things simply makes your life easier.

But aspirational families don’t just want to be anywhere. They want to be surrounded by good schools and good shops. Places that improve their quality of life and signal they’re on the up. Getting this golden combination is harder than it might seem. Given London’s reputation for urban sprawl, you’re either likely to land yourself a new home a bit of distance from great amenities or one that’s very close to some less great ones.

Ever the pearl in the ocean, Charles Baker Place does offers the best of both worlds. Our residents are a few steps from Bellevue Road – one of Wandsworth’s main high streets – offering a range of high quality shops and restaurants. These include the legendary Chez Bruce, a Michelin-starred French restaurant overlooking Wandsworth common, from which our residents are only a few minutes’ stroll from. Good schools are also plentiful: Charles Baker Place is no more than a mile or so from a variety of private and preparatory schools (16 in total) and outstanding state schools like Oak Lodge and Ernest Bevin College. If you’re interested in learning more about the local schools, read our blog Back to SchoolIf you’d like to know more about our development’s location, visit our About Us page.

Charles Baker Place - location information

Charles Baker beats them all

With Charles Baker Place ticking all the right boxes, you could be forgiven for assuming prices at the development would be suitably astronomical. Not so. Prices start at around £1.6m and continue through to £2.95m – a snip when you consider that, alongside the security, parking and great location, ours is also a development that’s been thoughtfully designed to the highest quality.

Start the new school term on a high and get down to Charles Baker Place to meet us, we’re sure you and your family will be impressed.

View details for the five bedroom townhouses here, or the four bedroom mews homes here.

Charles Baker Place - kitchen to garden view, townhouse

To arrange a viewing, get in touch on +44 (0)7831 611 222  or via our contact page – we look forward to hearing from you.

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